Anxiety and Stress – It’s just not Football !

Anxiety and stress can wreak havoc on people and footballers are no exception. The pressure to continuously perform at peak levels and succeed at all costs is extremely demanding on football players, both physically and mentally. Stress and anxiety affect the young and the old, and those experiencing these conditions will often feel tense and overwhelmed. Obviously these feelings do not serve professional footballers and other sportsmen. The best thing an athlete can do, is as soon as they recognize that they are struggling to cope, is to make an effort to seek professional help in the form of a clinical psychologist or qualified counsellor. Treating anxiety and stress early is important in order to avoid it leading to long term depression. There are ways to reduce anxiety and stress provided it is not too severe and that your lifestyle allows for it. This would include:

  • Taking time out to relax. Walks in Nature, relaxing hobbies
  • When feeling overwhelmed, pause and count to 10 slowly
  • Talk to somebody about your feelings
  • Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe deeply.
  • Ensure that you are eating a well balanced diet.
  • Reduce you Caffeine and Alcohol intake

Some of our local footballers that have been contracted to play for Cape Town based sides have struggled with stress and anxiety. Being a professional sportsmen often requires you to be away from home for extended periods of time which only adds to the problem. Southern Suburbs psychologist, Anita Prag, is well know psychologist that has years of experience in helping people cope with anxiety and stress. Stress can manifest itself in many forms. The psychological symptoms include, feeling unable to cope, irritability, being fearful, having anxious thoughts and low self esteem.

anita prag

There have been several articles written recently about Anita’s successes in helping patients navigate through difficult periods of their lives. There is saying that says “It’s always darkest before dawn”, well from all accounts, Anita is the psychologist that will help cast light onto your problems, helping you grow through your difficulties. As a psychologist in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, Anita has client base that extends from the City Centre right through to Simonstown. Anita is not just a psychologist that is capable of treating adults. Dr Anita Prag comes highly recommended as a psychologist for children and adolescents too. She offers “Play Therapy” sessions for children where she performs behavioral and emotional assessments, as well as performing IQ assessments and helping children with learning difficulties. Anita’s practice in positioned on the Main Rd in Bergliet. There are several Cape Town psychologists that are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa but Dr Prag is one of the few that we can report as having a high standard of service. If you do find yourself struggling with anxiety, stress or depression and are in need of a souther suburbs psychologist click here for more information about Anita’s practice. So much attention is given to the physical well being of footballers and sportsmen that their psychological well being is sometimes overlooked. It should be a priority for trainers and coaches to ensure that all areas of their well being are being attended to.